Merry Sujiati, A Young Chocolatier from Batu

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TIMESINDONESIA, BATU – Cocoa bean is one prominent commodity in Indonesia. It has been exported through foreign countries such as Europe. However, there has been little expertise or chocolatier in this industry. 

Concerning this matter, Merry Sujiati, a woman from Batu, East Java becomes a chocolate maker or chocolatier and also the Director of PT Kakao Bhineka Sejahtera for Moodco brand. There are 15 different types of pure and fine chocolate with various flavors.


“All Moodco products contain less than 25 percent of sugar and we are also not using refined sugar in our products,” said Merry.

The low amount of sugar in all variations of Moodco products is safe for everyone to enjoy with no worries about increasing body weight. Moreover, pure chocolate has nutrients that are good for the heart.

Moodco uses cocoa beans from various regions in Indonesia, such as Berau, Bali, Polewali, Gunung Kidul, Aceh, Papua, and so on. Moodco variants’ names are also taken from the local language where those cocoa beans from. For example, the Arai variant uses cocoa bean from Berau Kalimantan. In local language, Arai means happiness and joy.


“Moodco also produces single origin chocolates with a content of 36 to 100 percent. Cocoa beans are similar to coffee beans. Each origin has a distinguished and different characteristic,” she said.

One bar of chocolate will cost you from IDR40,000 to IDR100,000. All Moodco products are quite costly compared with the common chocolate brands on the market.

“Fine chocolate is different from a common chocolate candy. Chocolate candies contain a lot more sugar than the chocolate itself. You can compare the long-term impacts of consuming both kinds of chocolate to our health,” Merry Sujiati, this chocolatier said.  (*)

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